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How to ensure the safety of steel plate clamps?

Source: ???Author: JNDO???Posted: 2019-08-07 08:28
1) Lifting workers must be trained and qualified by qualified training units before they can be certified.

(2) Hoisting machinery must be equipped with safety devices such as lifting weight limiters, stroke limiters, overwinding limiters, Electrical protective zero-connecting devices, end stops, bumpers, interlocks, rail clamps, signaling devices, etc.

(3) Strictly inspect and repair crane parts, such as steel wire ropes, chains, hooks, rings and rollers, etc., should be replaced immediately.

(4) Establish and improve the maintenance, periodic inspection, handover system and safe operation procedures.

(5) When the crane is running, it is forbidden for anyone to go up and down, nor to be inspected during operation. The upper and lower cranes have to take a special ladder.

(6) The area where the cantilever of the crane can reach is not allowed to stand, and there is no one in the working range of the electromagnetic crane.

(7) When Ebell lifting tongs are used to lift articles, they shall not pass over the area of ​​the person; the hanging objects shall not be allowed to stand; the hanging items shall not be processed.

(8) Items that are hoisted cannot stay in the air for a long time. In special cases, safety protection measures should be taken.

(9) When the crane driver takes over, check the brakes, hooks, wire ropes and safety devices. If abnormalities are found, the fault should be eliminated before operation.

(10) You must ring or alarm before driving. A continuous ringing or alarm should also be given when approaching a person in operation.

(11) Operate according to the command signal. The emergency stop signal should be executed immediately by anyone.

(12) When the crane is unmanned, the main power supply can be closed for operation.

(13) Sudden power failure during work, all controller handles should be pulled back to zero position; before re-operation, check whether the crane is working properly.

(14) Cranes that are open-air on the track shall be anchored at the end of the work; when the wind is greater than level 6, Generally, work should be stopped and the crane should be anchored; for cranes working on the coast, when the wind is greater than level 7, the work should be stopped and the crane anchored.

(15) When the driver is maintenance, the main power supply should be cut off and the sign or lock should be hung. If there is an unresolved fault, the driver who receives the shift should be notified.
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