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Steel plate clamp protection mechanism

Source: ???Author: JNDO???Posted: 2019-08-03 08:22
The steel plate lifting clamp is mainly used for lifting tools of various types of steel plates and other heavy objects. It has perfect protection mechanism, strong resistance to cracking, strong wear resistance, convenient operation and safe use of horizontal steel plate clamps. When the steel plate clamp is in operation, the clamp clamp is firmly clamped on the heavy object to be operated, and then lifted. In order to make this lifting process fast and safe and reliable, the steel wrench has many protection mechanisms.

1. Locking device, steel lifting clamp is ultra-lightweight, easy to use and ensures effective locking.

2. Spring clamping mechanism. The unique clamping mechanism of the steel lifting clamp can be automatically suspended, safe and reliable.

3. Bending mechanism. The surface of the steel plate pliers is equipped with a curved cam structure in accordance with various specifications to facilitate operation.

4. High-strength material mechanism. Steel plate lifting clamps are made of special alloy steel for induction hardening and welding of steel bodies to ensure high quality and resistance to cracking.

5. Rotating claw mechanism. The steel plate lifting clamp is made of a rotating claw structure, firmly grasping the load hanging wheel to prevent the weight from slipping off.

6, easy to operate hanging large ring structure. The steel plate lifting clamp can be used to lift and transport large steel plates.

7, paint protection. The steel plate lifting clamp adopts epoxy resin baking varnish, which greatly increases the anti-wear and durability effect of the horizontal hanging steel plate clamp on the basis of the small increase of the thickness of the surface, and increases the service life.