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The opening size of the steel plate clamp should be chosen well.

Source: ???Author: JNDO???Posted: 2019-07-27 09:32
We must learn to choose the appropriate opening size when purchasing steel plate tongs. Recently, we found that many customers did not know the product size when purchasing the steel plate tongs. They bought the tongs directly without a clear concept. After buying it, they found the model. Size can't be used. The thickness of the steel plate clamp must be selected. If the opening range is too large, the steel plate cannot be clamped. If the opening range is too small to be clamped, do not estimate the steel plate size.      

If you are not sure about the size specifications when purchasing the steel plate tongs, you can consult our sales staff and choose the right steel plate tongs to make purchases, so as not to buy them back properly, and bring unnecessary troubles when returning goods!